Brand Photography

Brand photography is a set of bespoke, professional
images made to represent your company visually! 
Brand Photography

It’s all about visibility, right?

If your clients cannot find you or even worse, don’t know that you exist – how are they ever going to buy from you?

Let’s sort out your visiblity now!

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The importance of Brand Photography

The reason imagery works so well in conveying messages is that the brain works in images, it is the most natural way for the brain to process information. Because of this images are quickly processed, easily remembered and easily recalled. Humans respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual! This is why Brand photography is so important!

Brand photography

Looking at statistics, over 80% of customers trust a company more and over 75% are more likely to buy from a company if the company uses social media!! People want to connect with other people, relate to others and see the face behind the company whose products they are interested in!

Brand Photography Cheshire
Brand Photography Cheshire

Your brand photographs will represent you and your company through the use of colours, tones, props and people! You, your team, your products, your process, your work space and other details that makes your business unique!

By letting your potential customers into your world so they can see what you look like, what your personality is like, see your space and your process – will enable them to see who they would be working with and get a glimpse into the process and then imagine themselves being a part of that experience.

Brand Photography

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You know how you want to make your dream clients want to work with you…and how you’d like to stand out by creating an awesome first impression in a competitive market? It can feel quite overwhelming and pressurised, can’t it? It is easy to compare yourself to others, right?

I’m Andrea, and I help businesses like yours to represent themselves and their brand visually, giving them a set of consistent images to use in publicity, social media, websites…the list is endless.

Having a set of brand photographs means that people recognise and connect with you, be interested in your products, and gain trust in your business.

Create visibility today – invest in your business and in yourself and get your shoot booked now!

Photographer Andrea Aseby

So where can you use your brand images?

Here are a few examples:

  • Social media profile photos
  • Instagram images
  • Instagram stories
  • On your About page
  • In blog posts
  • As graphics in ads
  • To show your process
  • In newsletters
  • On business cards
  • On your website
  • In marketing materials
  • In online course content

The options really are endless!!

Your photographer

My job is to help you figure out all the little details that makes your business unique, understand and tap into what you do, who your customers are and how you sell! With this in mind , we will put together a vision board to see colours, tones and props needed for your brand photography session, in other words we are getting really specific about your and your brand. As a result I will then know where and how to photograph you, your products, your team – both headshots and candid images, the process (depending on your nature of your business)and a whole lot of details!

Brand Photographer Cheshire

Brand photography is really, really important – let’s see how to get started
Brand Photographer

First you need to think about what your story is! Who are you? What is your brand all about? Who is your dream client? What makes you unique in your industry? What do you offer your clients that no one else does?  Secondly, how do you want your ideal client to feel and think when they see you and your product – calm, excited or inspired, for example. What do you want your images to communicate about your personality? Think about aspects of your personality you want to show. What do you do in your free time? Hobbies? What brands inspire you?

Get really specific here, as this is crucial to get the right images for you! Think of your top descriptive words for your brand! Have a look at other brands and their photoshoots for inspiration.

In addition, think about the key shots you need, for example headshots, workspace, products, processes etc. Where are your photos going to be used? Many shots happen naturally when we’re working but we will need a list of the key ones you need to make sure we tick them off making sure we don’t miss any. Think about what props to use, and what to wear!

At this stage we can create a shared Pinterest board where we can both pin ideas for the shoot, aiming for around 30 images to make sure we are on the same page! This will help me understand exactly what you are looking for.

Brand Photography Cheshire
Key shots

If you are selling physical products I will photograph these in whatever way you need, on a plain background and/or as props, the choice is yours.

For ideas for shots of your process it very much depends what your business is, do you own your own coffee shop – making coffee, making sandwiches, serving customers. If you are providing PT services – you in the gym, helping clients etc. Whatever your business is we will look into this in detail beforehand and make sure we get all the key shots and also a lot of detail shots that help tell your story!

Brand Photography Cheshire

A few ideas for shots of you:

  • Headshot for About me page
  • Drinking coffee out of favourite mug
  • Working on laptop
  • Reading a book
  • Taking a photo with phone
  • Playing with a pet
  • Talking on the phone

In addition, I will also include candid images, these relaxed images of you, your team, your products and /or process, will show personality and an insight in to your work. These images will help your prospective clients imagine themselves being a part of the experience of working with you.

Brand Photography
What to wear and what to bring to your photo shoot
Personal Branding

When it comes to that all important first impression what you wear on your images will show your personality and make a big impact , so yes, there is a bit of pressure… But don’t worry, most importantly, just be yourself! Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in, avoid items you wouldn’t normally wear.

Please feel free to bring along a few changes and maybe some jewellery for different shots to give variation in your images. Think about your brand colours and co-ordinate with those.

Our vision board will give an idea of the props you’ll need, we will also talk about the requirements before your shoot!

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Brand Photography Cheshire


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Brand Photography Cheshire