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Dog Portrait Photography in Cheshire
Dog Photographer Cheshire

Here is where you find Dog Portrait Photography in Cheshire!

There is something about dogs that just gets to me. Their furry awesomeness, how they are always there for us! How they see life!

They are such an important part of our families and this is the time for the dogs to be the focus and tell their story!

Choose to capture your dogs personality in the park or in the studio! We can do portraits in a classic style, with a plain background or with nature as a backdrop. Or I can capture your dog’s delight with life whilst exploring the park, almost anything is possible!

Life is great… Dogs make it better!

Part of the family

The bond between children and dogs are something magical and there are numerous studies about the benefits for children growing up with pets, especially dogs and cats. Amongst other things pets help children’s self-esteem, it helps them learn responsibility and empathy. They are also generally more active then their peers.

Dogs are just as much part of the family, so if you are thinking about a photo shoot for your family or a portrait session for you child, please bring the dog along! I would love to meet him or her! 😊

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